Jesus Tribe is a diverse group of non denominational Christians
from Southern California who love Jesus. JESUS TRIBE is a worldwide movement to inspire art and creativity that glorifies Jesus.

We are an eclectic collective of Christian artists and craftsman along with other Christians who simply want to their story, sell their products & be part of the Tribe.

We are a global marketplace that will connect millions of believers. JesusTribe.com is THE place to find music, film, clothing, books, art, charity & more all on one website. It’s also an amazing place for testimony and ministry.

We are the Christian alternative to secular companies like Amazon, Itunes and Etsy. We promote & support biblical Christian values and offer a counterweight to these giant secular monopolies.

Together we can build a powerful & inspiring global community. Join the TRIBE!


JESUS TRIBE will donate 10% of all profits to Christian Charities throughout the world.

Here in our Charity section, we will update you on where and how our charitable donations are spent.  And if you have a Christian Charity that you would like us to consider for donations, please contact us with the information and we will happily look into adding them to our charity list.



Numbers 18: 25-26